How to Rent a Movie on iTunes and Download Rented iTunes Movies offline?

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If you own any Apple device, iTunes is maybe the simplest and most flexible way to rent the movies you want to see the most. But, like everything, there are rules for iTunes Movie Rentals.

What We Need to Rent Movies from iTunes?

Like other movies or TV shows in iTunes, the rental movie can only be viewed through Apple device as well. Keep in mind that iPhone that earlier than iPhone 4 or iPad, iPod touch that earlier than 3th generation can't play HD movies. We can rent iTunes movies through: 1. A Mac or PC with the latest version of iTunes.
2. An iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with the latest version of iOS.
3. An Apple TV with the latest version of tvOS.

We should also have an Apple ID with a valid credit or debit card in it.

how to rent itunes movies

How Do Movies Rented from iTunes Cost?

There are a number of factors that determine what a rental costs, including how new the movie is, whether the movie has hit theaters or not, whether it's a special promotion, and if it's high definition or standard definition.

1. The latest movies: usually US$5.99-$6.99
2. Regular movies: $3.99-$4.99
3. Special promotions: $0.99
4. Movies currently in theaters/digital release only: $6.99-$9.99
5. Standard definition: $2.99

The exact prices are determined based on Apple's agreements with movie studios and its own choices about pricing.

How to Rent a Movie on iTunes

To find movies available for rent, browse the iTunes Store and look for movies with a Rent button. When you click Rent, you can download the movie to your device by clicking or tapping . Download time depends on the speed of your internet connection. Some titles have the option to stream. For these titles, when you tap or click , you can play the movie immediately, without downloading it.

Tap or click to start streaming your movie. For downloads, you can start watching your movie as soon as enough of it has downloaded for the movie to complete without interruption. How long this takes depends on the speed of your Internet connection. After it's fully downloaded, you can also use AirPlay to stream it from your Mac or PC or your iOS device to your Apple TV.

To watch an HD movie, you need to play it on a supported device: your Mac or PC, iPhone 4 or later, iPad, iPod touch (4th generation or later), or TV using Apple TV.

How long you have to watch iTunes Rental Movies

You have 30 days to start watching a movie after you rent it. After you start watching the movie, you have 24 hours (in the US) or 48 hours (elsewhere) to finish it. You can watch the movie as often as you like until it expires.

If you don't start watching a movie within 30 days, you must rent it again.

Movies you rent disappear from your iTunes library when the rental period ends.

Watch your movie rental on a different device

If you rented the movie on your Mac or PC, but want to watch it on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, connect the devices and sync using USB. When you move a rented movie from your Mac or PC, it disappears from your computer's iTunes library. You can move the movie between devices as often as you want, but you can have it on only one device at a time.

Everyone should know on iTunes Rental Movies

1. iTunes 10 or above is a must for renting iTunes movies on computer.
2. Only Apple devices support playing iTunes rentals.
3. You can have iTunes Rental Movies on only one device at a time.
4. You have 30 days to start watching a rental from the exact day and time you rent it. And iTunes rental movies would disappear after 24 hours when you start watching.

How to break the 24-hour limitation on iTunes Rental Movies

iTunes M4V Converter can extend your rental-period legally. Apple adds Fairplay DRM protection on iTunes rental movies that prevents us making more use of the digital content. Though we paid the iTunes rental movies, we can only be able to watch the rental movies within limited viewing period on only one device or computer at a time. The problem is about the DRM, by removing the DRM from iTunes rental movies, we can break the 24-hour limitatioin and keep the iTunes rental movies forever. iTunes M4V Converter is the most popular iTunes DRM removal tool that could losslessly remove DRM from both iTunes purchased and rented movies at fast speed and convert them to MP4 for playing on non-Apple device. 100% original quality with Dolby 5.1, AD, Closed Captions, Subtitles, Audio Tracks.

iTunes video converter iTunes Video Converter

Apple Music Converter

Legally remove DRM from both iTunes purchased M4V movies and iTunes rental M4V before their expiry date. Enjoy iTunes movies on non-apple device without iOS restriction and keep iTunes rentals forever.

  • Professional iTunes video DRM removal software.
  • Remove DRM from iTunes rented/purchased movies/TV shows.
  • Convert iTunes M4V video to MP4.
  • Preserve Dolby 5.1, AD, multilingual Audio Tracks, subtitles, CC.
  • Strip iTunes DRM at 30X speed.
  • Output 1080P HD with 100% original quality.
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Guide to break the 24-hour limitation on iTunes Rental Movies

You will learn how to remove DRM from iTunes rental movies and break the 24-hour limitation on iTunes movies with the help of iTunes M4V Converter for Mac from the following steps.

Step 1 Add iTunes rental movies to break the 24-hour limitation.

Click "add files" icon to select iTunes rental movies and tv series you want to keep foever. All available iTunes rental m4v files will be listed:

how to break the 24-hour limitation on iTunes Rental Movies

how to remove drm from iTunes rental movies

Select iTunes rental movies you want to break the 24-hour limitation and click Add button.

add itunes videos you would like to break the 24-hour limitation

Step 2 Select Audio Tracks and Subtitles

This iTunes Movie Converter will preserve all original subtitles and audio tracks by default. 100% original quality with Dolby 5.1, AD, Closed Captions, Subtitles, Audio Tracks. You are free to select and preserve any one.

iTunes Rental Movie Converter - Set Output

Step 3 Start to remove DRM from iTunes rental movies and convert to MP4 format.

After all the settings, click convert. iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter begins to remove DRM from below iTunes rental movies. When the conversion finished, you can play the output mp4 files with any video player on any device at anytime.

iTunes Rental Movie Converter - Start to remove drm from itunes movies then play on TV iTunes Rental Movie Converter - break the 24-hour limtation from rental movies

As soon as you converted the iTunes movies with iTunes M4V Converter, you can put the converted DRM-free MP4 videos to any video player. For anyone dealing with the hurdles of copy protection measures, the iTunes M4V Converter is currently the best and easiest way to regain control over your purchased or rented digital content. Bypass DRM protection from iTunes M4V movie/TV show rentals and purchases and output DRM-free MP4 with 100% original quality preserved. Try it free right now!

Extra Tips:

If you want to remove DRM from Apple Music, iTunes Music or Audiobooks, this Apple Music Converter could help you. Which enables you to convert M4P iTunes Music to MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV format losslessly, and play Apple Music on any portable MP3 player.

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