How to Convert iTunes DRM M4V to MP4

How can I play movies and TV shows downloaded from iTunes on Android phone? Does M4V format file play in android?

What is iTunes M4V?

The M4V file format is a video format developed by Apple and is very similar to the MP4 format. The primary difference is that M4V files may optionally be protected by DRM copy protection.

Apple uses M4V to encode video files, such as TV episodes, movies, and music videos, in its iTunes Store. By using the FairPlay DRM decryption, those iTunes M4V video files are limited to play on Apple's products only. To play a protected M4V file, the computer needs to be authorized (using iTunes) with the account that was used to purchase the video.

Why we Need to Convert iTunes M4V to MP4?

We are not allowed to enjoy or share any iTunes movies without authorization even after we buy it. So we are seeking ways to convert DRM protected M4V files to some more commony used video formats like MP4, so that we can enjoy iTunes M4V movies on almost all media players and devices as we wish. In other words, we convert the iTunes M4V videos to more accessible MP4 format so that we can play the movies and videos on multiple devices.

iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter

This iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter is developed to solve this problem and help you remove DRM protection from iTunes videos, both rentals and purchases and convert iTunes M4V movies, videos and TV shows to MP4 format with 100% original quality preserved.

iTunes video converter iTunes Video Converter

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Legally remove DRM from both iTunes purchased M4V movies and iTunes rental M4V before their expiry date. Enjoy iTunes movies on non-apple device without iOS restriction and keep iTunes rentals forever.

  • Professional iTunes video DRM removal software.
  • Remove DRM from iTunes rented/purchased movies/TV shows.
  • Convert iTunes M4V video to MP4.
  • Preserve Dolby 5.1, AD, multilingual Audio Tracks, subtitles, CC.
  • Strip iTunes DRM at 30X speed.
  • Output 1080P HD with 100% original quality.
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How to Convert iTunes DRM M4V to MP4

The following is a tutorial on how to convert purchased or rented iTunes movies/TV shows to mp4 using iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter for Mac. Please make sure you had this iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter on your Mac before getting started. It's what you need to convert iTunes M4V to MP4.

Step 1 Add iTunes M4V movies and TV shows.

Click "add files" icon to select iTunes movies and TV shows you want to remove DRM from. All available m4v files will be listed:

convert itunes m4v to mp4

how to convert itunes m4v to mp4

Select video files you want to import and click Add button.

add itunes m4v to convert to mp4

Step 2 Select Audio Tracks and Subtitles

iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter will preserve all original subtitles and audio tracks by default. 100% original quality with Dolby 5.1, AD, Closed Captions, Subtitles, Audio Tracks. You are free to select and preserve any one.

iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter - Set Output

Step 3 Start iTunes M4V to MP4 Conversion

After all the settings, click convert. iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter begins to remove DRM from below m4v video files. When the conversion finished, you can play the output mp4 file with any video player or non-Apple devices.

iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter - Start to convert M4V to MP4

iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter - Converted iTunes Movies or iTunes TV Shows

iTunes M4V to MP4 Converter is a simple way to convert the DRM movie for playing on various devices with high quality. Enjoy the output DRM-free MP4 video anywhere you want, with any video player and devices. Bypass DRM protection from iTunes M4V movie/TV show rentals and purchases and output DRM-free MP4 with 100% original quality preserved. Try it free right now!

Extra Tips:

If you are an Apple Music subscriber and also want to remove DRM from Apple Music and iTunes M4P Audio. Apple Music Converter could help you. Which enables you to convert M4P Apple Music to MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV format losslessly, with all the ID tags and metadata.

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