How to Turn Apple Music into M4R Ringtone on Your iPhone

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"I am trying to convert some of my favourite Apple Music files to ringtones on my iPhone 7. It has been pretty confusing maneuvering iTunes to do so, so I'm looking for a much easier way to do so."

So how to create custom iPhone Ringtones (m4r files) from Songs in Apple Music?

M4R iPhone Ringtone

apple music to m4r iphone ringtone

Created by Apple, the M4R file type is utilized to produce custom ringtones on the iPhone. Tone files for iOS have to be in the M4R format. In actuality, such files are in Apple's AAC format, which generally have the file extension of M4A. It is similar to MP3 but compresses the digital audio files further. You change the A to an R (for ringtone!) and then it will work with iTunes on Mac or Windows for that singular purpose (leave it as M4A and it's just another song to iTunes). The end goal is to sync your iPhone with iTunes, then all the M4R files become available to assign to contacts. You can have a different phone call or text alert for every person you know梱ou'll know who's getting in touch without ever taking the phone out of your pocket.

So you would need to convert your Apple Music to M4R format before you could turn it into iPhone Ringtone. Apple Music Converter is what you need to convert Apple Music to M4R iPhone Ringtone.

Convert Apple Music to M4R iPhone Ringtone

Apple Music Converter can remove DRM from Apple Music songs and convert Apple Music DRM-ed M4P songs to M4R iPhone Rongtone with up to 16X conversion speed and as well as CD output quality, and then you can transfer and set converted M4R apple music as iphone ringtone as you like.

Apple Music Converter Apple Music Converter

Apple Music Converter

Easily remove DRM from iTunes M4P songs, M4P/M4B Audiobooks, Apple Music songs and Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks and output DRM-free MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4R, and MKA with 100% original quality.

  • Remove DRM from iTunes M4P songs, Apple Music and Audiobooks and output MP3, M4A, etc.
  • Extract DRM-free audio from iTunes video, movies and TV shows.
  • Convert iTunes DRM media files at up to 16X speed.
  • ID tags and metadata information preserved to MP3/M4A output.
  • AudioBooks converted to M4A will be marked by Chapters, too.
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How Turn Apple Music into M4R Ringtone on Your iPhone

If you refuse to pay for an iPhone ringtone from the iTunes store, then why not create your own? Especially when you have subscribed to Apple Music. It's easier than you think and takes mere minutes. We explain step-by-step how to turn any song you own into a ring tone on your iPhone.

The following guide demonstrates how to convert Apple Music to M4R iPhone Ringtone on Windows. If you are Mac users, you can also follow the guide, the procedure is similar.

Step 1 Launch Apple Music Converter to Convert Apple Music to iPhone Ringtone.

Install and launch Apple Music Converter. Once the software started normally, the itunes will be lauched automatically at the same time.

Convert Apple Music to M4R

Step 2 Add Apple Music.

Choose Apple music you want to convert. Click the relevant Playlists category and select one or more apple music files you want to convert.

Step 3 Select M4R as Output Format.

Set M4R as output format and select the destination folder you want to save your output iPhone M4R ringtone files in. The profile settings will be adjusted automatically according to the chosen output format. You can also adjust audio parameters like sample rate, bit rate, etc.

convert apple music to iphone ringtone

Step 4 Start the Apple Music to M4R iPhone Ringtone Conversion

After completing the previous steps, click "Convert" to begin converting Apple music to M4R iPhone ringtone. When the conversion finishes, you can click Find Target to locate the output iPhone ringtone m4r files.

Start the Apple Music to M4R iPhone Ringtone Conversion

Step 5 Sync Converted M4R iPhone Ringtone to iPhone with iTunes.

Add the converted M4R iPhone ringtone files to iTunes Library. You can simply drag the new M4R iPhone ringtone file into iTunes and it will be automatically recognized as a ringtone. And then you can sync your iPhone with iTunes. Check to make sure 揝ync Tones?is selected for your device.

Sync apple music to iPhone

If you don't want to sync your iPhone with iTunes, we recommend you use the free iPhone Transfer tool to help you sync m4r ringtone to your iPhone without iTunes. It's free of charge.

Download iPhone Transfer for Windows | for Mac

Select the Ringtone Tab and add ringtones from PC to iPhone directly.

Sync apple music to iPhone ringtone

Step 6 Set iPhone Ringtone.

Go to your iPhone, click Settings > Sounds > Ringtone, and you would find the M4R iPhone ringtone.

Set M4R iPhone Ringtone

iPhone only supports the m4r ringtone format. Apple Music Converter is a simple way to convert Apple Music to M4R iPhone Ringtone and it makes iPhone ringtones very easily. With a friendly and simple interface, it is very easy to turn Apple Music into m4r ringtone on your iPhone! Simply download and have a try.

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